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According to the Law for Detergents and Cleaning Products in German Federal Legislation (Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetz, WRMG) there is a duty for manufacturers to officially notify detergents and cleaning products in Germany:

This National Detergents Regulation states that data on all detergents and cleaning products on the market in Germany have to be notified to the

* Federal Institute for Risk Assessment <>
(Bundesamt für Risikobewertung, BfR)

BfR transfers these data to all poisons centres monthly. These data constitute an important basis for poisons centre work and do facilitate rapid and specific medical treatment in cases of poisonings and  - more often - poisoning suspicions.

Detailed Instruction on the:

* Procedure of Notifications of detergents and cleaning agents

is available on the BfR website.

If a product is classified as a dangerous consumer product with respect to its poisonings hazards is has to be officially notified according to another regulation (Chemicals Act).

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